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Grower Availabilities




  • Following are links to some of our grower's catalogs and availabilities.
  • We buy from many growers and combine all of their plants into one availability which you see on our E-Z Ordering page.
  • The growers give more detailed information than we have room for on our availability.
  • Many of our vendors grow the same plants, so if you would like something from a particular grower that you see here, please indicate their grower # on the comment line when ordering on-line.
  • Be aware that the grower's supply often changes by the hour!


Grower #   64   Algerian Ivy, Lipstick, Arb, Dracaena, Pothos, Ficus, Philly, Aralia, Scindapsus     Updated 3-1-03

Grower #   67   Nepenthes Alata, Alocasia, Pachira Braids, Neoregelia       Updated 2-25-11

Grower #  68    Estimated Ready Dates For Spring Foliage      Hibiscus, Mandevilla, Dipladenia etc.

Grower #  87    Anthurium, Pothos, Lipstick, Alocasia, Cordyline, Sanseveria  Photos Taken 2-25-11

Grower # 104   Pothos, Seliginella, Zebra, Lipstick         Update 3-01-11

Grower # 223   New!  Succulents and Dracaenas   2-21-11

Grower # 233   Primary Palm Grower Feb Avail  Feb 16 Photos

Grower # 230   Large Plants Photos taken 2-15-11

Grower # 235   Large Plants Feb 16 Photos

Grower # 322   Bromeliad/Orchid Grower's Catalog and Photos of all They Grow (Not Their Weekly Availability)

Grower # 330   Succulent Creations Photos

Grower # 336   New!  Succulents    Photos   2-21-11


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